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Car Soccer / Rocket league

Ideas –

Bright n flashy,

big dome,

improved goal system,

modified cars,

remote control,

big world wide sport with millions of people watching,

fake grass,

side of dome is magnetic,

very big field,

Expanding –

bright n flashy: lots of lights no real sun light because of smoke clouds

Big dome: A dome that covers the hole field so the cars cant fly out

Improved goal system: when the ball flies in the goal it explodes causing no damage or harm to the field or players,

Modified cars: Cars that are very shock exorbitant and have thrusters on the back to make the game fast paced,

Remote control, The cars could be remote control with people controlling them form somewhere else,

World wide sport: It would be one of the onley sports left after all the fallout,

Fake grass: their would be fake grass due to no real sun light and so it is easy to replace if the cars rip it up,

Magnetic side dome: the side of the dome would be magnetic soo then the cars could drive on it making the game more interesting,

Very big field: the field would be very big due to it being cars diving on a pitch and not people running also making the seating area bigger, also with the addition of big screens making it easier for the audience to see the action.

Self driving cars: the cars could be self driving.

smell – it would smell like a new rubery plastic in the crowd and on the pitch it would smell of rocket fuel / gasoline.

Logic – this could very well be a sport in the future due to already having self driving cars and hovering boards.

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Future !

Related image

Walking along the cold dark smokey corridor i run my hand along the rough gritty stone arriving at the end being greeted by a man in all bright orange high vis looking down at me intimidatingly. showing him the code on my forehead he moves aside opining a cold metal gate. I can now hear cheers from people above me, as i walk through the cold gate i fell the atmosfer completely change, From just being in a cold croncret corridor to being in a bright warm room filed with tables of food and drinks and even marble walls. I walk around for sometime stuffing my face with smoked salmon sandwiches trying to figure out what to do. looking around i spot a screen above a door, the screen says my name on it. Strangely i feel completely calm about the situation. I approach the door slowly but strangely the door hasn’t got a handle on it, as i start to feel along the side of the door to see if i could find a latch my fingers clamp down on a hard steal button it opens unexpectedly with out me pressing it. knocking me off my feet but what i see next is something you would only imagine to see in a child’s dreams.

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